Puma Swede – Two Fucked Girls

Two Fucked Girls

Two Fucked Girls

Puma Swede and Carly Parker have a no-nonsense approach to sex. Everything goes! They don't hold back. The interesting thing about Puma is that when she started out nude modeling, she only went topless and wouldn't even show her bottom half. Then she went all the way but like a fucking tornado and she's still going strong! As for Carly, she started doing porn from the start. Put these two together and you have a boob-nado on your hands.

This is a P.O.V. scene which makes it even better because you are the guy. It moves at 100 miles per hour! It's your dick in their gripping pussies and wet throats. After the girls frantically ravish each other like crazy sex maniacs with kissing, pussy licking and toy fucking, they are fucked hard by the stud in the all-time #1 male fantasy: two girls and one guy.

They share your cock between their lips, smiling and staring at you. They each take turns jamming your cock into their sweet holes in different positions. They talk dirty and filthy like whores, spitting and screaming dirty words. The sounds of wild sex fill the room. And when you finally blast them with your jizz after fucking them like a drill, their moans and cries get even louder. Covered in your cum, the girls kiss. What a pair!

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Sunshine – Cream My Tits: Sunshine

Cream My Tits: Sunshine

Cream My Tits: Sunshine

Sunshine walks out of a bakery holding a Key Lime pie and heads to a waiting van. Her ginormous boobs rumble with every step. In the front seat of the van, her tits are dipped into the pie and then licked off. Sunshine heads to the driver's place. He wants a piece of Sunshine's pie. This is a girl who always puts out so no need to stress and wonder if she'll spread for the sausage filling.

In the bedroom, Sunshine dips his cock in the pie filling and spreads the dessert on his cock with her tits. Instead of sucking his dick, Sushine opens her mouth so he can fuck it as she tickles and squeezes his nuts. She was always a fuck-toy for guys. A high-calorie, high-carb afternoon is the plan and no one is concerned about gaining weight. They might even lose a few pounds with the fucking that follows. Her pie is so right and tight that Tony goes berserk.

Tony has his own creamy spread to give Sunshine and after pounding her to exhaustion, he frosts her gigantic knockers with his special sauce. Watching her weight can wait.

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Jessica Roberts – Creampie For A Busty Sweater Girl

Creampie For A Busty Sweater Girl

Creampie For A Busty Sweater Girl

Meet a hot New Discovery, Jessica Roberts. This Chicago babe will blow you away with her awesomely curvy body and huge 43-inch tits! She has a friendly girl-next-door vibe that will drive you wild.

In this first SCOREVideo, Jessica is checking her super-voluptuous self in the mirror before she leaves for a night out. She's wearing a tight sweater and jeggings that fit her like second skin wrapping around her great ass. Jessica is a perfect sweater girl.

Tony sees her and goes ape. He can't keep his hands off her. Their evening out switches gears. He undresses Jessica (she looks amazing in a tight bra and panties) and in just a few seconds, she's kneeling to suck on his horn, her natural tits hanging beautifully. She gets the cock in her mouth deep, saliva strings connecting her lips to his cock. He fucks her luscious mouth, pulling his cock out all the way and then sticking it back between her lips. She sticks her tongue out in expectation every time. Tony remarks about her blow job skills.

Tony lays Jessica on the bed and parts her legs so he can lick her pink pussy, as sweet as cherry wine. This drives her into waves of ecstasy. He rubs her clit with his fuck-stick a few times, then drives it home, building up speed as they try different positions. Jessica's heat rises to dangerous levels. Then she explodes when Tony empties his supply of nut-sauce straight into the pink. It oozes out of Jessica's well-fucked pussy. She sticks a finger in and rubs her slit and clit with creamy satisfaction! She didn't get to show off her sweater tits but she had a better time anyway.

Welcome this new big-boobed hottie, Jessica Roberts! Do you want more of her?

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Samantha Sanders – Cream My Tits: Samantha Sanders

Cream My Tits: Samantha Sanders

Cream My Tits: Samantha Sanders

Samantha Sanders fits the definition of brick house. Her tits measure 32JJ. When Sam said it in her Brit accent, she said "Double-Jehhh." She is actually a lawyer back home. Samantha likes her job and she said she likes to visit clients in jail. Can you even imagine this strapping woman walking through a prison in front of the scum of the earth? She could get her clients off just by showing the jury her massive sweater cones.

Another tit-bit Samantha told us is that she gets patted down when she travels through airports. Somehow, they're under the impression that she's got some concealed objects under her shirt. No doubts they're just trying to cop a feel.

So why is this impressive gal posing with her tits and clit and starring in big-tit fuck videos? Because she enjoys hard cocks and being watched getting fucked. One of her fantasies is the thought of being spied on and that makes her excited. That's what this scene shot outdoors is all about.

Samantha hikes to the lake with her sex date and a picnic basket. Lunching turns to munching. They coat Samantha's tits with frosting once she has stripped down. They clean her off with ice cubes. Her picnic partner gives her a good tit-fucking as she kneels and she gives him a hands-free blow job.

Samantha is a lusty woman and this scene showcases her zest in a breast-fest. Watch as she leans back while she's fucking the guy and shakes her tits while his cock is inside her bushy British box.

You know what her dessert is after the main course?

Maybe one day Samantha will show off her briefs again and cum for more.

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